Post OP Advice and Heart Monitoring

Sophie Post op

The brave Sophie: Happy Girl a few hours after her op.

We have prepared this set of information sheets and made them available on line for two main reasons:

  • Firstly, it is helpful before the surgery if you can peruse the appropriate sheet for your pet, so that any questions/concerns you may have can be dealt with either on admission or at discharge time
  • Secondly, the vet or vet nurse who has discharged your pet after his/her procedure has a myriad of things to cover, and it is always helpful to have a ready source of confirmatory information to hand. Clients will usually be furnished with a hard copy of the post op advice sheets, but these  can get mislaid on occasion, so again it is helpful to have them online to refer to!

Remember, do please voice any concerns you have about your pets’ operation or the care afterwards. We are here to help!

Click on a link below to download some helpful post operation advice

Soft Tissue Operation

Orthopaedic Operation

Neutering Operation

Minor Procedure Operation

MMP Orthomed

 Dental Post Operative Instructions

Monitoring Cardiac Function

Miniature poodle with stable heart disease

Miniature poodle with stable heart disease

There are some simple measurements you can take at home which can provide early warning of a destabilisation of otherwise stable heart disease, or indeed to monitor improvements with intervention treatments. These are useful to detect early signs of volume overload (fluid retained in the circulation) or pulmonary congestion. If detected promptly we can take action, improving quality of life and fine-tuning any therapies for the comfort of the pet. Thanks to our client Leanne McCoubrie for designing the form.

Click on the link below to download the heart observation chart
Heart Observation Chart

Same wee Poodle with congestive heart failure (note bigger heart and fluid in lungs)

Same wee Poodle with congestive heart failure (note bigger heart and fluid in lungs)