Spaying and Neutering

Neutered pets often live longer, and make better companions.

Most of the objections put forward against neutering are unfounded worries. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cedarmount is a participating practice in the Dog’s Trust and Cats Protection Free/Subsidised neutering scheme for those on means-tested benefits – please contact us for details.


If you are on a means-tested benefit, (Income support; Jobseeker’s Allowance; ESA, Child Tax Credit, Working tax credit; Housing Benefit; Council Tax reduction/ Council tax Support; Universal Credit Pension Credit or a tenant of the NI Housing Executive) AND if your dog is one of the following listed breeds:

(Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Rottweiler, American Bull Dog, Greyhound, Lurcher, Akita, Husky, Malamute, German Shepherd, Samoyed, Jack Russell Terrier, Border Collie and Crossbreeds where the primary breed is identifiable as one of those listed will also be eligible), you may be entitled to a Dogs Trust Voucher.

We will need to see photo ID and proof of benefits to complete the necessary paperwork. You pay £50 towards the neutering, Dogs Trust pay the rest.

Click here to view the rules for Dogs Trust Neutering

The Cats Protection Northern Ireland-wide scheme enables cats to be neutered for £5. This offer is available if you are receiving state benefits, are on a low income or are a student or pensioner living in Northern Ireland. This is a voucher scheme and at times the vouchers can be in short supply so contact us to check availability.

In Tom cats Neutering will:

  • Stop development of that awful Tom cat scent in the urine
  • Reduce territorial fighting (and thus reduce risk of contracting Feline Aids (FIV))
  • Reduce territorial urine spraying/marking
  • Reduce tendency to wander far from home (so reducing risks of car accidents)
  • Reduce numbers of unwanted kittens


In Queen cats Neutering will:

  • Stop your cat having unwanted litters of kittens – something she will do if not spayed
  • Reduce unwanted attention (and resultant smell) from entire Tom cats in the area
  • Stop her “calling” – that distressing wail known as caterwauling

All tomcat neuters and cat spays get a free pack on discharge, with free food and a voucher for £3.00 off your first purchase post-op. A real bargain!






In Dogs Neutering will:

  • Stop or reduce male sex-hormone driven behaviours
  • Reduce wandering/roaming/straying (also reducing car accidents)
  • Reduce the chances of a dog bite
  • Reduce inter-dog aggression
  • Reduce territoriality
  • Reduce prostatic disease something very common in older entire male dogs)
  • Remove the risk of testicular cancer (especially common in retained testicles)
  • Alter the conformation of the dog – he will be less muscley, but will only be fat if you overfeed him!

In Bitches – we offer Keyhole Spays (also called “Lap Spays”)

_DSC0348Neutering at 5-6 months of age, just before the first season, has been, and continues to be, our practice policy – it is now becoming common practice worldwide, with many respected veterinary associations (eg.AVMA) recommending pre-pubertal spaying as young as 8 weeks of age, and we are moving younger…..just not that young yet! We are now proud to offer Keyhole Minimally Invasive Spays (Lap Spays) to all our clients: a real advance with less discomfort, fantastically small wounds and rapid return to exercise! Click on the photo above to learn more.

Early neutering will:

  • Dramatically reduce (by 700%) the risk of breast cancer, which remains a big killer of entire bitches
  • Stop unwanted heats/seasons – the inconvenience of three weeks of bleeding per vagina, and attractiveness to male dogs.
  • Reduce the risk of false pregnancies, a common and distressing condition.
  • Remove the risk of a pyometra – a life-threatening womb infection very common in older or middle-aged entire bitches.
  • Reduce the number of unwanted puppies (NI still has far more stray dogs unnecessarily put to sleep than any other region in the UK).
  • Increase the likelihood of obesity – it is important that neutered bitches are fed slightly less (approx. 10%) than entire bitches. They only get fat if you overfeed them!
  • Increase the chances of a urinary leakage problem – this occurs in entire bitches too, and can be managed by drops, tablets, or in very rare, extreme cases, by a surgical procedure – set against the benefits, most vets believe this risk is an acceptable one. We have all had to put bitches to sleep because of breast cancer – this is especially distressing, as these deaths are so easily preventable.

All dog neuters and bitch spays (incl Dogs trust) will get a free pack on discharge. This has a free breed-appropriate bag of neutered diet and a voucher for £3.00 off your first purchase. What a bargain!







In Male Rabbits Neutering will:

  • Reduce aggression
  • Make him more amenable to handling – less likely to bite!
  • Allow him to be kept in mixed rabbit company without inter-male aggression, or unwanted baby rabbits appearing!


In Female Rabbits Neutering will:

  • Stop the development of cancer of the womb – something which develops in 80% of all un-spayed does – and which is usually fatal because it is very advanced at the time of diagnosis, and therefore cannot be removed surgically.
  • Reduce aggression
  • Stop the development of false pregnancy states – responsible for PMS behaviour in entire female rabbits
  • Makes them better pets.
  • Stops development of pyometra – a womb infection which can cause fatal peritonitis in rabbits.


Timing of neutering

This is something which is under review nationally. We currently adhere where possible to the following guidelines, but may drop the age of neutering in line with that done in the major cities in the UK and USA.

Pet CategoryAge of NeuteringSpecial Circumstances
Queens4-5 monthsIdeally not when on heat
Toms4-5 monthsEarlier if displaying territorial behaviours
Bitches5-6 months (before first heat)If had a heat, then either 3 weeks or 4 months after the end of the heat
Dogs6 monthsAny age as treatment for some testosterone-responsive diseases, neutering after already adult is unlikely to stop learned behaviours
Male RabbitsFrom 4 monthsDone under a combination of light sevoflurane anaesthesia and local anaesthetic injection – so very very safe
Female rabbitsFrom 4 monthsMuch less risky if done before she gets too fat!!

All animals which are neutered at Cedarmount will be given strong pain relief by injection, and this can be topped up with oral pain killers as necessary. You will be given appropriate advice when you collect your pet after the operation. In the majority of cases, the use of modern anaesthesia, pain relief, and the application of gentle tissue handling during the procedures, facilitates discharge home on the same day as the operation. Occasional animals will require an overnight stay, but nearly all are done as day procedures.

We send all animals home with an Elizabethan collar or a nice comfy body suit (Dogease) to assist in minimising any interference with the surgical wound. We are proud of our surgery, most wounds have no skin sutures, utilising a combination of dissolving buried sutures, and flexible tissue adhesives. This greatly reduces the animals desire to lick the wound. No-one wants to have to re-suture a wound – it is your responsibility to stop any animal removing the sutures – please use the collar provided if you think he/she is/may lick excessively at wound.

If, in the unlikely event an animal does work at a wound sufficiently badly to open it, immediately place the collar on, and call for advice. Most are not emergencies and can be left to the next available appointment to be assessed. The exception to this would be in a situation where a body cavity were opened, or where the animal is in pain. Thankfully, such cases are extremely rare. If in doubt, call for advice. Telephone advice is always free!