Time to Let Go

We have all had to suffer the loss of a pet at one time or another. This is never easy, and we all understand how very difficult it can be. Sometimes we need to have our loved pets put to sleep, perhaps to spare them suffering, or to relieve distress, or perhaps because their quality of life has deteriorated so badly that nothing else can be done. We can arrange things in whatever way you feel is best for you and yours. It is always very difficult to decide when is the best time to let go, we can help advise you at this time. Arranging euthanasia is always emotional. We understand.

We can arrange a home visit, or a quiet time at the clinic, or you can simply leave your pet with us. Please do not feel you must be present – for some people, even though the act itself is painless, and the passing is peaceful, simply being there is unnecessarily distressing. We can arrange cremation for all pets who have died or been euthanised. The pets ashes can be returned for collection if you so wish. We do advise against home burial of bodies or ashes these days, as many people end up moving house, and then face the wrench of leaving their pet behind a second time.

irishpetcrematoriumWe have a lovely range of scatter tubes and casket/picture frame options to hold the ashes.  We stock a number of choices in the clinic for you to view, including the Fused Long Drop necklace, and the full range is available online to browse. Staff can let you know the extra charge attendant on choosing one of the more expensive options, but there are several choices available at no extra charge at all. Have a look at the full range online at www.petcrematoriumireland.com

We can arrange that some ashes are incorporated into a piece of jewellery as a very personal keepsake. These lovely items can be ordered by telephone from us (item to be collected from Cedarmount) or on-line (please note on line orders are delivered by courier direct to your home: there is an extra courier charge on this option).

All pet owners have to face losing their pet at some time or other. The loss of a loved pet can be absolutely devastating. For some, the pain of the bereavement can persist for a long time. Guilt at having been involved in the decision to euthanise can be overwhelming.

Talking helps – please speak to us – we do understand. Our whole practice team are very sypathetic: we have all lost pets of our own, and have been there for bereaved owners too. Discussing the ins and outs of what happened, and why, can be immensely helpful.

For those who prefer it, the Blue Cross offer a sensitive bereavement supprt service also. They can be very helpful too.

We used to have a book of remembrance at reception for all to read, and all the entries have now been transferred to the News section of our website. We invite everyone to look these. Tears can be a good thing.


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