Bitch Spay or Dog Neuter: what happens on the day


Teddy, Pet HeroAt Cedarmount, we are very proud of the care we give these young ones on the day of their spay/neuter. We aim to minimise your worry, and to maximise their comfort and safety. There are so many benefits of the operation, it is a great thing to do for your dog._DSC0348

What you get for your money:

  • reassurance that we use the very latest anaesthetics and painkillers
  • reassurance that we are all very, very experienced surgeons
  • a full cardiovascular examination before the operation to check for any concerns with the heart which might impact on the anaesthetic
  • a fully qualified vet nurse (Registered Veterinary Nurse, RVN) patient-side throughout the operation and recovery
  • a full, monitored general anaesthetic
  • operation performed in premises passed by an RCVS inspector (because we are members of the voluntary RCVS Practice Standards Scheme)
  • tiny wounds with no skin sutures in dogs or bitches (and unbelieveably small wounds in bitches if done by keyhole
  • a warm comfortable environment for continually monitored recovery
  • Elizabethan collar sent home on discharge just in case they need it. The truth is that since the pain relief we give is so good, most do not bother their wounds, so don’t need the collar. We are very happy to refund the small cost for any collars returned unused.
  • the most modern pain relief on the day of the operation
  • follow up pain relief for a few days at home – importantly this latter aspect is frequently overlooked by many practices.       


If you have any questions about any aspect of the procedure, Puppy Partyplease do not sit and worry, simply ask us!

Your Instructions on the day

As advised, we ask that you provide no food from bedtime the night before, but access to water is allowed until the first human is up in the morning. Please walk them so they have a chance to have empty bowels and bladders: makes for a much cleaner experience in theatre!! Bring them into Cedarmount between 8.30 and 9.30 am.

We will text or call you after the operation so you know all is well. Discharge is normally by arrangement between 2.30 and 7.00PM the same day.

You will be given written post-op instructions. There is an emergency service available in the exceptionally unlikely event that you need advice or help after hours. There are very few complications of these procedures at Cedarmount – please be assured your wee one is in safe hands throughout the day!

And finally…….after the operation, remember that your dog will need fewer calories, so we strongly recommend a diet change to avoid piling on the pounds! Overweight dogs struggle to play, and run the risk of breathing and heart problems, and of course of severe arthritis. We will give you a breed-size suitable bag of our premium Royal Canin food on discharge – totally free! We also send you home with a voucher worth £3.00 off the cost of your first bag of neutered food. It really does make a difference to the waistline…and helps keep poohs solid and easily scooped. The diet also keeps coats glossy, teeth clean and bladders stone-free! Oh, and dogs love  the taste of the high quality dried food!! A win-win all round!




We work very hard to make the experience a positive one for you and your pet. If we fall short in some way please do let us know so that we can try and put things right. If we have done a good job for you. please consider leaving us a Google review: these can really make a difference for us. Thanks.