We hope everyone is staying safe in the current lockdown. We are still here to help with emergencies and repeat medication and food, and are now starting to do a few routine procedures.

From June, we are able to do some routine vaccinations. We will be contacting people who have pet’s with overdue vaccines over the next few weeks. We only have limited appointments available, so please be patient.

Dogs –

Puppies are at most risk of infectious disease such as Parvo virus and it is important to get them out for socialisation.

  • We are doing 1st and 2nd puppy vaccines now, please call for an appointment.
  • Adult dogs are at less risk but their 1st year booster is essential for long term immunity, so we are also doing these now, please call for an appointment.

Kennel cough vaccines only provide immunity for 12 months, but kennel cough is not listed as a critical vaccination. Unless there is a threat of a major outbreak, we are still not be doing routine kennel cough vaccines unless it is part of another procedure or vaccination.

Rabies vaccines are also not critical, unless you must travel abroad for work purposes.

Boosters for adult dogs and cats who have had their full puppy, kitten course and 1st annual booster are less urgent. Modern vaccines provide a long-lived immunity to some infectious diseases such as Parvo but only up to around 15 months for Leptospirosis. We are starting to catch up on overdue vaccines from the last few weeks.

  • We are booking in a limited number of booster vaccines from Monday 1st June 2020.

cat vaccine covid19

Cats –

Kittens are most at risk. We are doing kitten 1st and 2nd vaccines now.

Adult cat boosters can also be booked from 1st June


rabbits and covid19Rabbits –

Rabbits are quite high risk for disease if their vaccines are out of date.

Baby rabbits can be vaccinated from 10 weeks old.

Adult rabbit vaccines can be booked in from 1st June, but if already overdue, we may be able to fit them in sooner. Please contact us to discuss.

Normally we have to do 2 separate vaccines in all rabbits, 2 weeks apart, but to minimise travel, we will be able to safely do both vaccines on the same day, as long as your rabbit is big enough (over 500g) and healthy otherwise. We hope to get a new single combined vaccine soon, but this could be a while in the current circumstances.


As we have only a few members of staff in at any one time, these will be strictly controlled for everyone’s safety and to allow the emergency work to continue. As time goes on, and hopefully restrictions are lifted, we should be able to offer more routine appointments.

You may have had, will get, your reminder text and emails for your pet’s vaccinations. Please be patient, we will do our best to help everyone, but it will take some time to get caught up. If your pet’s vaccines are delayed for more than 3 months, we may need to consider restarting part of their vaccination course with a second vaccine after 4 weeks. There will be no extra charge if this happens and your vet will be able to discuss it with you at the time.

Please remember all social distancing measures will be in place at all times.