Coronavirus Precautions

updated Jan 2021

During this pandemic we must play our part in protecting you, and our staff as well. We have instigated a number of measures which we are keeping under review. We hope you will understand the reasons for these and bear with us as we face this unsettling time together. Social distancing is a vital part of keeping our hospitals in a position where they are able to treat us, or our loved ones, when we get ill.

Please be patient and respect our safety as we try to help you and your pets.

???IMPORTANT ???National veterinary advice is that routine face-to-face appointments are to be on a risk-assessed basis. This means that we may not agree to appointments for non-emergency problems, or non-critical vaccines. Always call the surgery first.

How we are managing social distancing at Cedarmount?


Step 1:

Before attending the clinic, you will be asked several questions.

  1. Are you experiencing a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath?
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed, or suspected of being diagnosed of coronavirus in the last 2 weeks?

If you answer Yes to any of the points you must not attend. Call us and we will work something out with you to assist.

 Step 2:

social distancing at the vet

When you arrive in our car park or at the street parking nearby, telephone us to say you are here. We will come out and collect your pet. If you can’t get through on the phone, there is a doorbell at each entrance, ring once and someone will be with you as soon as they can.

Any questions about your pet will be asked outside, at a safe distance. Please wear your facemask. Only in exceptional circumstances will we invite you in to the building with your pet, e.g. euthanasia. Please try where possible for only one adult to accompany the pet.

(mistakes happen and we might overlook someone – so if you have waited 15 minutes past your appointment time do call us!).


video consult vet Telemedicine / Video Consults

We are offering telemedicine consults to reduce the number of visits to the clinic. These can be great for non-emergency situations, but they do have limitations. If our receptionist suggests that a telemedicine consult is most suitable for you, will text or email a link that you can use to securely join a consultation with the vet on duty, who may be working from home. If you haven’t used these video calls before, they are very easy.  On your smart phone, tablet or PC, click on the short-link in your text or email and this will open the video platform. Allow camera and microphone to be used by the website. If the link is to a website called “” you will need to click “knock” to enter the “room” and start the consult.

It helps to be in a well lit room and have your pet close by so we can see them if needed during the consult. We may ask you to perform some simple tests on your pet to help us work out what is wrong.

You will be given a consult time when booking the appointment and asked to pay at the time of booking. Your vet will send you a text, or call you when they are ready to let you know to click on the link.

In some circumstances, a phone call can be just as useful, or more effective if the broadband speed isn’t high enough. We may also ask you to send us some photographs of a lesion.

If we can diagnose a problem using telemedicine, we are now allowed to prescribe medication without a “hands-on” consultation. If this is the case will prepare the medication for collection, or occasionally can post it if it is not urgent.

If we can’t diagnose the problem or feel that we need to have a full consultation, we will book a normal appointment for you. There will not be a second consult charge.

social distancing at the vet

Collecting medication or food

Please give us a call when you get to the carpark. If you can’t get through, please ring the doorbell at either entrance.

Someone will bring your food or medication to the door and leave in the box attached to the fence, or beside the door for you to pick up. Please respect social distancing and avoid close contact with staff.

Please pay for items online, or over the phone

Food and Repeat Prescriptions including worming and flea treatments/prevention

Again, to minimise the numbers of people at reception and to maximise safety please do pre-order all purchases online, via Click & Reorder from your reminder texts, or by telephone – we will request payment at the time of ordering (not at collection as previously) – mainly to avoid the necessity of you touching payment keypads, but also to speed up the transaction for you.

If you are unwell and cannot attend the clinic to collect food or medication, we will try wherever possible to deliver to you – please let us know. We will not be charging for delivery.

Home Visits

We do offer home visits but only in very exceptional circumstances. Before agreeing to a home visit, we will be asking about the household status regarding Coronavirus (just as above for appointments). A telephone triage will be performed by one of our experienced vets before confirmation that we can attend. If there is a confirmed infected member of your household, or a symptomatic self-isolator present, then we would ask that every effort be made to transport the pet to us by a non-affected person. If there is absolutely no other way the pet can be transported to the clinic, then we can advise how to minimise risk to our staff when we come to your premises. We do not want animal welfare to be compromised but request your full understanding and cooperation in measures we deem necessary for staff protection. These can be discussed at the time a visit is arranged.