Our “Smile for Summer” Half Price dental health promotion is available for all pets.

A complimentary dental health consultation with any of our Registered Veterinary Nurses, or during any other consultation with our experienced vets, is the first step. Together we can identify if there are any signs of dental disease such as plaque and calculus in the early stages, to gingivitis when the gums become inflammed, to periodontal disease when teeth start to become loose and painful. Sometimes we can also find fractured teeth, resorptive lesions in our feline patients and sometimes cavities or caries.

periodontal disease, bad breath

If any dental disease is detected then organising a more thorough dental health exam under anaesthetic is the next stage, along with dental treatment which usually begins with ultrasonic scale and polish. In more severe cases, when loose or damaged teeth are detected, dental extractions may be required. These can be performed during the same procedure, or we can “stage” the process to allow more detailed explanation of the required treatment and then book in for a later date.

clean teeth

Our “Smile for Summer” promotion offers this GA and dental exam with scale and polish at HALF PRICE. This is a saving of £87 for dogs and £69.50 for cats. If you are in the Pet Health Club, you get ANOTHER 10% off too! If further treatment is required, e.g. extractions, this will be charged at the normal rate.