Once again we have a lot of uncertainty about pet travel after Brexit. As it looks like we might leave the EU on 31st October 2019, the Pet Passport scheme could be affected by whatever deal, or no deal is made.

There is a possibility that the UK could have its status changed in the event of a no deal, meaning that more stringent checks could be required for the movement of pets from the UK to the rest of Europe. Click here for more detail

Worst case is that you would need a blood test at least 30 days following a rabies vaccine, to ensure the vaccine has worked, to wait for 3 months following the blood test before you can travel, and to need an extra veterinary health certificate prior to travelling. The whole process would take a minimum of 4 months so you would need to start now if you were planning to travel later in the year.

Unfortunately at this stage we just don’t know, but if you are thinking of travelling from November onwards, please give us a call.


Brexit pet passport