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Ruby’s Corner

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFostering kittens and hand rearing them is highly rewarding: there is nothing more special than seeing a kitten being rehomed to a loving and caring family.

It becomes impossible not to get attached to these defenceless kittens – after twelve long weeks getting up every two hours every night to bottle-feed them, sitting on the floor encouraging them to eat on their own, bathing them, and finally littering training them. Not to mention the litters that are sickly and need round the clock attention.

When the time comes to find my ‘youngsters’ a new home it can be heart wrenching, but when the right family comes along I know that it has been all worth it! What makes it even more rewarding is that, being a receptionist at Cedarmount, I see them grow into beautiful cats and can monitor their progress along the way.

RubyI can honestly say that I have spent endless nights worrying about kittens after they leave my house, but being able to give abandoned kittens a chance makes it all worthwhile!

In 2002, Ruby was honoured to win the Petplan National Vet receptionist of the Year. We treasure these memories – extra special moment in a special woman’s life. Click here to watch a UTV interview where Ruby (as usual) deflects attention onto the cats and kittens she does so much for.