Special Offers

We have new great discounts and special offers on our range of Royal Canin pet foods. Our new Cedarmount Rewards savings programme will be available from September 2017. Special offers change during the year. Even more discounts are available with our Cedarmount Care Pet Health Schemes.


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New Feline diet from Royal Canin

neutered satiety balance for catsNew Royal Canine Feline Vetcare Neutered Satiety Balance

For cats from neutering to 7 years old to maintain a healthy weight and urinary tract.

Starter packs available now

£14.99 – includes a bag of dry food, 2 sachets of wet food and a set of digital scales + £5 voucher off your next purchase.

Dry food available as 1.5kg, 3.5kg and 8kg


Starter packs available while stocks last.



Cedarmount REWARDS on the Cedarmount App

Cedarmount Rewards













App available to download free now.


New Royal Canin Discounts

Cedarmount Vets

We are delighted to be able to offer even more savings for feeding Royal Canin pet foods.

From September 2017 we will be offering fantastic discount vouchers giving you £10 off your first purchase of Royal Canin pet food (>1.5kg). You will then receive, by email, a total of 3 more vouchers, each worth £10 off (>3.5kg) over the following 9 months.

A total saving of £40 on your fantastic quality pet food!

This new system will replace our buy 8, get 1 free Loyalty Scheme. Current loyalty card users can choose to abandon their card and start with the new vouchers, or continue to finish their card, to claim their free bag, and then start with the new vouchers.


Vouchers available now

FREE veterinary consults to assess your pet’s mobility

  K Laser

Over 50% of cats and dogs suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions. They may show signs of stiffness or lameness, maybe don’t want to go for a walk, or go outside, or even show signs of aggression.

Click here to find out more about what we can do to help your pet.

Call to make an appointment today.



Offer available for all dogs, cats and rabbits




Great for supporting your cat in times of need or stress,

Especially good for Chronic Renal Disease as it has very low phosphorus and low protein but provides electrolytes, amino acids and micro-nutrients.

Also great for supporting your cat if it has diarrhoea or other intestinal problems





Buy 4 get 2 Free, available now




 Special Offers

Below is a list of both our current and some previous offers. For a full list of all offers, past and present, visit our  Special Offers archive.

25% off Royal Canin Lifestage diets -
20% 25% off Royal Canin
33% off Royal Canin -
20% 33% off Royal Canin
Royal Canin lifestage diet discount 25% off all Royal Canin Lifestage diets -
20% 25% off Royal Canin Lifestage diets
storage bin Free storage bins from Royal canin - These are always popular and we don’t have many left. There are a few small and large bins still in stock. Free with purchases on Royal Canin pet food.