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Work Experience

Do you want to find out what it is like to work in a first class veterinary practice?

We are a Student Friendly Veterinary Practice

The future of veterinary practice depends on encouraging new vets and nurses to join the profession. As a leading small animal veterinary practice, Cedarmount is keen to develop interest in students, from school age upwards, allowing them to experience the ups and downs of life in a busy veterinary practice.

We provide work experience placements for school age students, especially those who already have an interest in a career in the animal care industry. As a student you can expect to experience a wide variety of treatments, from state-of-the-art laparoscopy to routine procedures. All of our Registered Veterinary Nurses and Vets are very experienced and are happy to answer your questions.

We are part of the Independent Vetcare EMS Programme for veterinary students. The EMS programme has been developed in close collaboration with IVC clinical teams, recent graduates, practice managers and university academics, ensuring that students have practical experience of a wide range of essential skills.

We are a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice but do not have any vacancies at this time.

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  • Why Choose Us?
  • Placement Information
  • Observations and Learning Opportunities
  • Hours of Attendance
  • Dress Code
  • Important Notice

Why Choose Us?

  • Support - Friendly and experienced staff who are happy to answer your questions
  • Variety - Experience a wide variety of small animal cases
  • Innovative - See modern technologies in use

Placement Information

All students will have the opportunity to observe various activities including:

  • Preparation of animals for surgical and diagnostic procedures
  • Medical management of in patients
  • Routine infection control procedures
  • Sterilisation and preparation of instruments
  • Surgical procedures
  • Post-operative care of the patients
  • Daily running of a busy veterinary practice

Veterinary students, and students in practical nursing or animal management courses may be allowed to assist the vets and nurses in certain procedures, under direct supervision.

Observations and Learning Opportunities

  • Learning about different animals, breeds, types etc
  • Learning various aspects of animal care
  • Learning about equipment and medicines used in animal care
  • Learning about the animal products sold
  • Learning how to handle/hold different types of animals safely
  • Observation of some operations
  • Observation of some vet and nurse consultations
  • Observation of various treatments and procedures that are carried out
  • Observation of administration of medicines
  • Learning about the personal qualities and qualifications required for personnel in this area of work

Hours of Attendance

  • Monday to Friday
  • Within the hours of 9am to 5pm
  • One hour lunch break

Dress Code

  • Smart / casual / comfortable
  • Closed in shoes / trainers
  • No excessive jewellery
  • No facial piercing
  • No false nails
  • PPE will be provided and must be worn

Important Notice

  • Students must be aware of animals being UNPREDICTABLE
  • Students must notify the practice when leaving the building 

Are you interested?

If you are, please download, complete and return the Work Experience Medical Questionnaire.


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