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Need to order repeat prescriptions or replenish the food store? You've come to the right place

Find out here all about ordering repeat prescriptions, repeat food orders or both!

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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions will normally be prepared within 24 hrs of ordering. Urgent scripts will continue to be filled on the day, however, ordering drugs in advance ensures a speedier service for all at the reception  – if you are not sure of any details, perhaps it would be best to telephone 028 9127 1364 instead of submitting an online request.

We will try to accommodate all submitted requests and contact you if there is any problem, so do include a contact telephone number. Ideally, we aim to text you to confirm the drug(s) are waiting to be collected, and if there will be a delay in getting your request, we would like to be able to contact you to let you know.

Please note that it is usual for us to request a check-up before repeat prescriptions if the pet has not been seen for some time (interval depending on the condition under treatment).

We are grateful for your business. We make no bones about it: we want you to buy your pet medications from us. We try at all times to be competitive, but like all businesses sometimes find that we simply cannot compete on cost on certain lines/drugs.

Prescriptions are available from Cedarmount

Most veterinary medicines are classified as “Prescription Only Medicines Veterinary (POM-Vs).

POM-Vs are only licensed after rigorous controls to ensure efficacy and safety. If a POM-V is not available for a particular condition, we may use a medication licensed for human use. We cannot dispense a human version of a medication when an official POM-V is available. This is a legal requirement, for the safety of your pet.

POM-Vs can only be obtained after examination by a vet, and in the case of long term, or repeat, medication regular re-assessment is necessary, at least every 6 months. This may be more frequent for certain conditions.

Re-assessments for long term, or repeat, medications require a consultation with your vet, at the standard consultation charge. Blood tests may also be suggested periodically.

You can request a written prescription for your pet, to obtain the medication from another veterinary surgery, or pharmacy.

A prescription may not be appropriate if your pet is an in-patient, or immediate treatment is necessary.

Information on the price of any medication is available on request.

Antibiotics may not be appropriate for your pet. In the interests of protecting against antimicrobial resistance in pets and humans, your vet will decide if antibiotics are necessary. If antibiotics are prescribed, please complete the course as directed.

The advent of the internet pharmacy has focussed the entire profession on costs associated with the drugs we sell. Not all, but some of these outlets source their product from abroad – often as far as New Zealand! Recently we became aware of vaccines illegally imported online from America – these cannot be safe or effective as they cannot have been stored at the correct temperature for their journey.

Pets lives are being put at risk in an attempt to save money. Some drugs (even for people) have been manufactured and packaged to look like the EU product, in some cases so convincingly that they are tantamount to a counterfeit product. Obviously, production in non-EU areas is not subject to anything like the rigorous quality control that we expect for Prescription Medications. We genuinely fear that these represent health risks to your pets.

We understand the need to be aware of overall costs, but urge you not to be tempted to risk-averse effects by sourcing over the web.

There are many advantages to buying from us:

  • Confidence that product is safe for you to handle and your pet to take
  • We will always endeavour to get a working substitute should supply be interrupted
  • We will “buy back” unused product in many cases e.g. If it is decided to switch medications, or in the unfortunate event that your pet dies or is euthanised and you have unused stock left
  • Confidence that it will “do what it says on the tin”!
  • No postal delays

Frankly, in the event that a large volume of clients to the veterinary profession migrate to internet supply, this will also have the inevitable consequence of driving up the professional fees nationally in an effort to compensate. We believe this is in no-one`s best interest, and have resisted the commercial pressure so far.

In summary – you are entitled to a prescription for your medications, and we will, of course, supply one if you decide that is the route for you, but please talk to one of the partners if you are finding the costs of a particular medication too expensive. We will try our hardest to reach an accommodation, perhaps through a discount or some financial arrangement with consultation fee reduction – in essence, we want, and need, to keep your business. Please talk to us in the first instance.

Repeat Food Order

Ordering food in advance ensures a speedier service for all at the reception – if you are not sure of any details, perhaps it would be best to telephone 028 9127 1364 instead.

We will try to accommodate all requests, and contact you if there is any problem. Ideally, we aim to text you to confirm that your food is waiting to be collected, and if there will be a delay in getting your request we would like to be able to contact you to let you know.

Order Medication & Food
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