We hope your wee one has fully recovered from his/her operation.

Neutering/spaying has massive health benefits, and adds years to life expectancy!

If you have any concerns at all about your pet after his/her surgery we are only a call away! 02891271364

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Please remember how important diet is from now on – neutered dogs and cats will gain weight more rapidly than entire animals. If we don’t adjust their diet accordingly they will become overweight, with all the issues that causes – diabetes, arthritis, heart disease…the list goes on.

At the time of discharge from the clinic you should have got a Neutered Pack with a free food sample – we hope your wee one likes the food – we strongly recomend this Royal Canin Neutered range of foods for all our patients. We sell it at a 10% discount at the till all the time, and have several really superb price promotions on each year. You will be surprised how affordable it is!!

This food also qualifies for our “Buy 8 get 1 free” ongoing loyalty scheme – this adds another 11% discount!!

In the pack, you should have got a voucher for £3.00 off your next purchase of the neutered food.


Please do consider sticking with it – you will see the benefits as time moves on!!!