Coronavirus Precautions

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE  (very long post, lots of detail, sorry!)

As the initial three week period of lockdown is being extended, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has updated their advice to vets across the UK.

Vet Clinics ARE NOT returning to business as usual.

We are still open Monday to Saturday as before, but just for EMERGENCIES and Urgent cases ONLY. You must phone the surgery before coming to us. Our phone lines are busy due to operating with less staff than usual and we want them to remain open for genuine emergencies, so ordering repeat medications on line is appreciated.

?Puppy/Kitten Vaccinations?: From Wednesday 15th April we ARE allowed to start and/or complete puppy/kitten vaccination courses for our clients (this includes dogs at their first annual adult vaccination – effectively this vital 3rd shot is part of the primary course, without which life-preserving immunity may not last). We have contacted our clients with puppies to whom this applies over the last few days. If you haven’t heard from us please get in touch. We have not as yet reached out to those at the first annual shot so if you know yours is due please contact us (this will be dogs aged 15 months or so).

??Adult vaccinations??: We are fortunate in Bangor and North Down that we have a low risk for parvovirus and for leptospirosis in dogs. At this time we ARE NOT seeing adult dogs or cats for boosters, if they have been regularly vaccinated. Please be patient: we believe restrictions will gradually be lifted and we can offer these again, but for now – IMPORTANTLY – every journey and every visit to the clinic, no matter how carefully managed, represents some risk to human life – we try very hard to mitigate that risk by social distancing and extra hygiene measures – BUT – we cannot eliminate risk altogether – thus every case needs risk assessed before coming to the clinic – and for now, the assessment is that adult vaccinations do not justify the risk. ***If you are worried your dog or cat is at particular high risk then an exception may be made at the discretion of the vet. Please phone to discuss***. If Covid ends up delaying your dog/cat annual booster vaccination beyond 3 months of his/her due date, this will necessitate a re-start of vaccines – we will offer a vaccine amnesty for this Covid-necessary delay, so you will have no extra money to pay for the extra dose of vaccine. We hope you understand, and appreciate the gesture of the free dose.

?Rabbit Vaccinations?: there is no way to mitigate the current high risk in North Down to rabbits from myxomatosis or RVHD1/2 so we are continuing to offer booster vaccinations for rabbits as normal. We are investigating whether we might be able to do both vaccines on one visit rather than two, thereby halving the risk.

At all times we will be working with SOCIAL DISTANCING in place, to protect yourselves, and our staff.

?Cat spays (5-6mths)?– Valentines Days may be over, but…….we are not planning on doing all these as routine, but if you cannot keep your female cat inside she will get pregnant – so call us to discuss if you are struggling – obvioulsy if you have a brother and sister cat pair at home we will need do something urgently to prevent an unwanted litter – again, please call us.

If you have an appointment, or are calling to collect medication or food, you should stay in the car in the carpark and telephone us, and wait until a member of staff comes out to you. Nobody is permitted to enter the building.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Keep safe.

The Team at Cedarmount Vets