Coronavirus Precautions

Cat Vaccination

At Cedarmount, we are all only too aware how common cat flu and feline enteritis is in unvaccinated cats are. Cat flu is not just a heavy cold – it can, and does kill. Feline enteritis (the cat version of Parvo in dogs) is an horrific illness with a very high mortality rate – cats and kittens who contract this literally slough the lining to their bowel. We strongly recommend that all kittens have a primary vaccination course at 9 and 12 weeks for these easily preventable diseases.

Any cat who will be allowed access to the outside is at risk from FeLV infection. This virus can cause severe illness and death – including leukaemia, tumours and anaemia. Again, it is easily prevented by vaccination – something we believe is vital for all indoors/outdoors cats. Thankfully we are seeing less of this awful disease these days – something which is due entirely, we believe, to increased vaccine usage.

The vaccine we have chosen to use, is the most modern, manufactured and supplied by Merial, a multinational pharmaceutical company with decades of experience in animal health. It`s FeLV component is unique, and confers excellent protection. As a non-adjuvanted vaccine, we believe that it minimizes vaccine site reactions, and the risks that can be attendant to them. It is a major advance over vaccines that went before – we see very, very few adverse reactions to this vaccine. We are happy to recommend it to all our clients. Please ask for advice.

Feline Aids infection is very prevalent in Bangor and Ards – there is no vaccine to prevent this infection which is passed on by cat bites (there is no known human health risk from this virus). Early neutering minimizes fighting, and is the best prevention we have at the moment from this debilitating infection.

Sadly we do not have any current vaccine for feline infectious peritonitis – we hope the vaccine currently being used in the USA may prove efficacious, and receive a European licence.