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n7Lc6MgGot a new kitten?

Bringing a new kitten home is very exciting! Lots of people want to give you advice – the breeder, your friends, the pet shop – please remember, we are best placed to give accurate, professional guidance on all matters catty – please do ask us first – not all advice is good advice!

Free kitten check

Just like children, kittens can be born with congenital defects such as cleft palate, umbilical hernias, hole in the heart – we offer a free first visit health check, designed to pick these things up early on – most are not going to be a problem. We need to recognise those that might restrict life expectancy or affect quality of life. We will advise on vaccination during this visit.


These days, good quality veterinary care does not come cheap! We strongly recommend pet health insurance, taken out young, before any signs of illness are present. The features most important in choosing a policy are:

  • Does it cover illnesses for lifetime or just 12 months?
  • Does it exclude dental disease (the most common reason to make a claim?
  • Has the company offering the cover got the necessary track record in the pet health market?

Ask us for advice – we can issue a free cover note on your first visit – well worth the peace of mind. When your pet is ill the last thing you want to be worrying about is the money.


All kittens have worms – that’s how worms exist. They catch them from their mums. They can die from intestinal parasite burdens. Ask us for advice. At Cedarmount we follow the BSAVA guidelines on worming.

Feeding your Kitten

We strongly recommend feeding a good quality commercial cat food, formulated for growth, and with the correct protein, calcium and phosphorus ratios ideal for each type of breed. Ask us for advice. We stock Hills Science Plan and Royal Canin – both excellent high quality diets from companies which have good track records in pet health nutrition.

Toilet Training

Kittens are naturally clean – all you need to do usually is confine him/her in a small area with a litter tray – and nature will take its course. If you are having problems – talk to us early.

Cats are a law unto themselves. They bestow affection on their own terms. They cooperate when and if they choose. Cats are unique, and we love them for it!

Have fun with your new family member!