10568494-2400x1600Dogs are fantastically loyal companions. Their love is unconditional. We understand just how important they are to their owners, and it is our aim to provide the latest available high quality veterinary treatments, in a kind and caring manner. All our vets are dog owners, and we appreciate the worry an illness can cause.

Our facilities are excellent, facilitating high quality diagnosis and treatment. A high powered x-ray machine, and automatic x-ray processor allows us to get good images of even the largest chest, or smallest foot! After all, our canine patients vary from the 1 kg Yorkie, to the 55kg Great Dane – it`s not really small animal practice!

The traditional auscultation (listening to the heart with a stethoscope) can still be used to diagnose the commonest heart condition in dogs, namely a murmur due to endocardiosis (click on play button below to listen)…but the advent of high quality ultrasound imaging has transformed the treatment of difficult heart cases, including cardiac tamponade.



We can now image internal organs without the need for surgery – diagnosis is now possible in many cases without any invasive procedures – this significantly enhances the welfare of those entrusted to our care. When it is necessary, however, we have a dedicated theatre suite, and we perform soft tissue surgery, both routine elective, and emergency, and orthopaedic procedures. We now perform cruciate surgery (on the knee) several times a week. It has become increasingly successful, now utilising the latest implant technology, with a shorter-than-ever recovery time.

5323352Dog parasites represent a significant health concern, especially with the emergence of lung worms which have been responsible for some deaths in NI pets. We have seen clinical cases in Bangor (6 confirmed affected cases in Cedarmount in 2013) – the risk remains real.

We strongly advise against using the older wormers (often sold in pet shops and supermarkets), which are prone to drug resistance and side effects. Please contact us for the best advice on worming your dogs.


We stock the latest flea control products – safely eliminating fleas on your dog, and very importantly in the environment, ie. your house! The spot-on we use (Frontline Combo) is far superior to the old and widely available Frontline as it contains an environmental control as well…absolutely vital in breaking the flea life cycle: we believe this extra protection is worth the small extra monthly cost.  We are very excited to now also have available the absolute Gold Standard product, Nexgard, which is a monthly tablet for dogs which has an incredibly fast flea-kill and a very reassuring safety profile. We now recommend this beef-flavoured tablet for all our allergic doggies.

We can insert a microchip very inexpensively now – this will be there permanently, allowing rapid identification of your dog, with your contact details immediately available to vet or rescue centre should the need arise. The chips we use are ISO standard, and as such acceptable for the Irish Kennel Club.

Remember dogs get hay fever too! If your dog has a grass allergy he/she might need extra medications when the pollen count is high in our area. Please contact us for advice.