Coronavirus Precautions

Telemedicine Consultations


  • We prefer to see you with your pets face-to-face like we always have.
  • Covid-19 has changed everything! Sometimes you are not able, or not permitted, to travel to us.
  • Video consultations have their limitations, but in these strange and difficult times they may sometimes be necessary.

What to expect?

  • Call us to discuss your situation with your pet.
  • If circumstances allow, we will arrange a normal consultation (albeit that you may need stay in our car park whilst your pet is examined/treated in the clinic)
  • If a remote consultation is needed, or indeed if you simply prefer one, we will:
        1. agree an appointment time
        2. take payment in advance
        3. send a text with the link you will need
        4. ask you to be ready with your pet nearby at the agreed appointment time
        5. ask you to wait for the vet to text to say he/she is waiting in the virtual room
        6. ask you then to click the link and join in promptly

We try to keep to the agreed time – things can however get very busy, so if we haven’t called/texted you to click your link by 15 minutes past the agreed time please do call the clinic to make sure we haven’t forgotten, and to check that technical gremlins aren’t interfering!

We use Whereby for most because you don’t need download anything, simply click on the link we text you. Sometimes we need to share images with you – perhaps test results or xray or scan pictures/videos, and in these cases we we may ask you to use Zoom – you would need download the app for that of course. Many of us are familiar with Zoom for virtual family quizzes or the like, so you may have the app already – again we would get you to click the invitation link.



If you have trouble logging in, please call us.

Are still photos useful?

Absolutely – these can be of much higher diagnostic quality than video – so if there are skin lesions, fur loss, lumps or bumps, or say, a sore eye, do email pictures of these in to us before the consultation. One tip – please don’t hold the phone too close to the lesion you want to photograph – 10-12 inches is close enough – then zoom and wait for autofocus to kick in before taking the picture. Please check the image/s: out-of-focus images aren’t very helpful!  The vet can review these pictures and they can be immensely helpful. The best email to send focused pictures to is [email protected]


Fees: if the vet thinks my pet must come in, do I have to pay a second time?

  • Absolutely not – during the video call the vet may decide that a physical examination is deemed necessary to make a diagnosis, and we will not charge extra if we need get the pet in for this.
  • Please be aware that subsequent consultations, on a different day/occasion will of course be subject to our usual charges. Any drugs/tests/treatments recommended/prescribed during the consultation must be paid for at the end – we can take card payments then and there. We do not routinely run accounts (apart from some insurance work). Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The legal stuff

Earlier this year, the RCVS allowed a temporary derogation to allow prescribing of veterinary medicines without a physical examination. This temporarily allows us to prescribe POM-V drugs without a physical examination if we are confident that is necessary. This derogation may be removed in the future, which will necessarily limit the value of the telemedicine consultation.

As always, if you are struggling, just call us. Thanks – see you on line!