We are here to help: your pets’ welfare is paramount to us

Updated Wednesday 25th March 2020

During this pandemic we must play our part in protecting you and our staff as well. We have instigated a number of measures which we are keeping under review. We hope you will understand the reasons for these and bear with us as we face this unsettling time together. Social distancing is a vital part of keeping out hospitals in a position where they are able to treat us, or our loved ones, when we get ill.

s📍📍📍IMPORTANT 📍📍📍National veterinary advice is that for the next 12 weeks routine face-to-face appointments are to be on a risk-assessed basis. This means that we are unlikely to agree to appointment requests for routine vaccinations, health checks, dental checks, nail clips, weight checks – if your pet is unwell or sore or you are worried we are still here for you!📍📍📍

Worried about missing a booster – see our advice page on social distancing

Wondering what is an emergency or how to get a consult? see our latest update here


Step 1:

Before attending our clinic you are asked to review the following questionnaire – if you answer Yes to any of the points you must not attend. Call us and we will work something out with you to assist. If you can, please print this off and sign it, but if you cannot a copy will be made available at reception.A link to this will be texted to you before your appointment time. Please read it carefully.

                                        Pre-appointment Questionnaire – click to open/download

Step 2:

When you arrive in our car park or at the street parking nearby, telephone us to say you are here. We will come out and collect you and escort  you and your pet into the clinic. Please do not come on in unescorted – we are trying to limit numbers at reception for obvious reasons. Please try where possible for only one adult to accompany the pet. Our consultation rooms are small and it will be safer to minimise numbers of humans in a small space! (mistakes happen and we might overlook someone – so if you have waited 15 minutes past your appointment time do call us!).

Telemedicine Consultations

These are far from ideal really, as no physical examination/handling is possible. Needs must on occasions, and therefore we will offer these on an ad hoc basis during office hours. Please telephone to request one – payment is at our usual rate and will be collected in advance. Please advise if you have Facetime/other facility on your device.

Food and Repeat Prescriptions including worming and flea treatments/prevention:

Again, to minimise the numbers of people at reception and to maximise safety please do pre-order all purchases online or on the telephone – we will request payment at the time of ordering (not at collection as previously) – mainly to avoid the necessity of you touching payment keypads, but also to speed up the transaction for you and minimise waiting room occupancy.

If you are unwell, and cannot attend the clinic to collect food or medication, we will try wherever possible to deliver to you – please let us know. We will not be charging for delivery.

Home Visits

We do offer home visits. Before agreeing  to a home visit, we will be asking about the household status regarding Coronavirus (just as above for appointments). A telephone triage will be performed by one of our experienced vets before confirmation that we can attend. If there is a confirmed infected member of your household, or a symptomatic self-isolator present, then we would ask that every effort be made to transport the pet to us by a non-affected person. If there is absolutely no other way the pet can be transported to the clinic, then we can advise how to minimise risk to our staff when we come to your premises. We do not want animal welfare to be compromised, but request your full understanding and cooperation in measures we deem necessary for staff protection. These can be discussed at the time a visit is arranged.


We are all in this together, and together we can get through it with our furry family members well cared for!

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