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Vet of the Year

Well done Craig


Craig won the Vet of the year category in the veterinary Oscars held in Birmingham on 20th April, 2006.

Following his nomination by a group of colleagues, supported by a large number of testimonials from colleagues in Cedarmount, clients, veterinary surgeons from the province, kennels and catteries and animal sanctuaries, the judges awarded him the top prize. Wendy Turner (of Pet Rescue fame) presented the awards at a glittering ceremony in Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Hall.

Craig is grateful to all who gave such glowing testimonials – indeed it is fair to say – very moved by many.

"Cedarmount Veterinary Clinic is at heart a team effort – each member of the practice contributes massively – and all are valued – everyone shares in the acclaim of this award!

Thanks you to everyone involved in the nomination – it is very heartening to have so much support!! We are overwhelmed by the response following the award – cards and presents galore – it`s like Christmas come early.

Once again, Thanks to everyone involved. It’s been a great honour to achieve this award.”

As a result of the relationship developed with media, Craig appeared regularly for 13 years on the U105 Lunchtime Bistro, first with Lynda Bryans and then with Carolyn Stewart, where he answered listeners queries about their pets, great and small.

He appeared occasionally as an expert on the BBC/UTV and Radio Ulster, and wrote for many years a weekly column in the Saturday Night Belfast Telegraph. 

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