Boarding-Pet Sitting & Walking

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At Cedarmount, we do not have facilities to board animals. We are fortunate, however, to have an excellent working relationship with several first class kennels and catteries in the area. These facilites are all run by clients of ours, and we know that animals entrusted to their care are looked after very well. Each and every one will be presented for veterinary attention if he/she is unwell in any way.

We strongly recommend that all dogs and cats are fully vaccinated, and have received their annual boosters up to date before entering any kennel/cattery.

For those who prefer to leave their animals in their own homes, we can recommend some very reliable pet sitting services. Pet sitting and dog walking services have grown in popularity over the years, and in Bangor we are fortunate to have a number of good choices.

Please contact us and we can let you know who we recommend. 

All good boarding facilities insist that their vaccination policy is enforced. For dogs, this means an additional requirement for a Kennel Cough Vaccination. This can be given as late as three days before entry to kennels, but for maximum benefit we would prefer it given at least two weeks in advance.

These days we have a new, broader spectrum, vaccine which induces immunity for 12 months, and therefore we more often than not give this along with the annual booster vaccination, thus saving you time and money as we discount the Kennel Cough vaccine by 20% when it is given at the same time as the booster.

We now stock a new product for the doggy who finds kennelling a bit stressful. Please ask for details of this innovative development – it can calm your dog without sedation, facilitating a less anxious stay.

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