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Dog Behaviour Problems

Early intervention, before issues become deeply entrenched, has a greater chance of success

Do you have any issues/concerns about your dogs' behaviour? Do you need help or advice?  

Is he/she reactive with other dogs? Separation anxiety? Resource guarding? Barking continuously? Any other issues…? 

At Cedarmount, we are all very experienced with dogs, and the ways they behave or sometimes misbehave!

We can often assist with advice on common problems, but more difficult or well-established issues may need a more specialist approach.

We are delighted therefore to have partnered with Sandra Gilliland DogTraining-DogBehaviourNI.

Sandra is very experienced and is a member of APBC. As such she is fully qualified, insured and regulated. Sandra sees dogs with behaviour problems on veterinary referral only. 

Early intervention, before issues become deeply entrenched, has a greater chance of success.


Rather than waiting and struggling with the problems until they are major or almost intractable, please do speak to us if you have any concerns about your dog’s behaviour. 


Investigation begins with a detailed history-take and a physical examination +/- laboratory testing. This is important to rule out or identify any physical/medical cause/trigger for the issue.


Behaviour referral would then be the next step. Sandra will keep us informed of progress and if she believes that some pharmacological assistance is needed to help deal with the problem of concern, then of course we can liaise with her directly.

If your pet health insurance covers behaviour issues it may be possible to reclaim costs (subject to Terms and Conditions of your policy). Our experienced admin team can complete and submit any insurance claims for you (there is no charge for this service when all consultation fees have been paid up to date): all we would need, would be your receipt of payment to Sandra. 

Worried about behaviour – talk to us!

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