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Down Dog at Cedarmount

Carol Clark is the only Kennel Club Accredited behaviourist in Ireland and provides dog behaviour services through her business Down Dog Training and Behaviour

She is the first Kennel Club Accredited Instructor for Companion Dog training (at an advanced level) in Northern Ireland (KCAI(CDA)).  This is currently the only nationally recognised, credible and externally verified qualification.  

Carol has over 30 years of experience in dog training.  She holds the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (with Distinction) and is a Guild of Dog Trainers Master Trainer (GoDT 138). 

As a member of the Professional Association of Applied Canine Trainers (PAACT 0011), she believes that modern trainers require behavioural skills and behaviourists must be able to handle and train dogs.  Being skilled in both disciplines allows her to train and treat your dog more effectively. 

All of Carol's training is done only with positive, reward-based methods (especially clicker training). 

We are absolutely delighted that Carol has been a member of our Cedarmount Team for years now, bringing a wealth of dog training and behavioural expertise to bear on any problem cases. Carol can see cases in the clinic by appointment (usually Friday afternoons) or at home by special arrangement, should the case lend itself to a home visit for assessment or therapy. We look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial collaboration.

"everyone deserves a Perfect Pet and we're committed to help you achieve yours"

Arrangements during Covid-19 

Carol's business normally is mainly face-to-face and of course, it is not possible to run her usual 'in-person' behavioural packages and services at present. But this virus isn’t helping those dog owners who are suffering with behavioural problems in their beloved pets.  

She has therefore set up a new range of telephone and online services to help dog owners who are struggling with their dog’s behaviour. Whether they just want basic advice, need reassurance they are doing the right things or need detailed behavioural support, Carol can still help.

Full details of the services Carol has on offer are available here.

In summary, Carol can offer the following services to your clients, who can book their preferred option directly from the website:

  • 15 minute Telephone Call – suitable for basic advice only
  • Mini Consultation Call – a 30 minute recorded online video call, suitable for basic training questions and general advice
  • Consultation Call Package – this includes an initial online video call, a jointly agreed plan, a follow-up review call to check on progress and the recording of each consultation

All options include unlimited email support and follow-up.

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