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Chips are good for you!

If you were unsure about having your pet microchipped.........

Two animals: both hit by cars, one dog, one cat, one microchipped, one not.

One past Christmas, two animals were separately presented to Cedarmount Veterinary Clinic, each having been hit on the road. The Good Samaritans who brought them in, had each witnessed the hit and runs. As part of the immediate assessment, staff at the clinic scanned them both for a microchip.

Lucy, a perky Border Collie was lucky – she had a chip!

One phone call later to the rescue bureau, and we had her owners’ neighbour on the phone! Lucy’s mum was at a PTA meeting – and her neighbour rushed to get her. Within half an hour, owner and dog were reunited, just in time to have a hug, before Lucy was rushed to theatre to have her ruptured spleen removed.

Lucy went on to make a complete recovery.

Stitch - Stitch's story wasn't so nice....

This lovely adult male tabby cat had no chip, and no collar – so when he went missing his owner had little hope of finding him, and we had little hope of identifying his owner. Staff at the clinic recognised him as a friendly people-cat, and spent several days supporting him through his horrific injuries – he had severe shock, a crushed and broken pelvis, and a paralysed foreleg.

Even though we hadn’t been able to find Stitch’s owner, we battled on, and he pulled through, although it took weeks for his foreleg to fully recover. His owner worried unnecessarily about him for weeks, and was finally reunited when she called in to Cedarmount in the New Year, just in case we had news of him.

All that worry, just because Stitch hadn’t had his chips!

Having a microchip implanted is an inexpensive, safe and easy outpatient procedure. Which scenario would you like for your pet? Almost immediate contact following an accident – or weeks of uncertainty and worry? Please contact us to have a chip fitted.

Special Offer: Microchips are  FREE with Puppy and Kitten Starter Packs (normally £14.99)

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