Suspension of Pay-Vet-Direct Claims with immediate effect for all RSA claims

This is NOT our decision: we really appreciate your understanding – please don’t shoot the messenger!

Yesterday (April2 2020) we received the notice below from RSA – as a result we are instructed that we from this point on we can NO LONGER accept Pay-Vet-Direct claims from these companies or any other RSA company**.

What does this mean for you if your pet has one of these company policies (or another RSA pet insurance policy)?

Your pet is still insured – just like always you have peace of mind that you pet’s needs can be met. But, from now on any regular repeat medications or treatment you need for your insured pet will require payment direct to us at the time – we cannot run accounts for these. We aim to process your claim for reimbursement as soon as we possibly can – currently we have no unusual delays on this administrative  task. Please, please bear with us.

These are terribly upsetting and difficult times – every company is struggling to cope – the RSA firms have serious staffing issues which have ground their cheque-issuing to a halt – the problem is that they pay vet claims to clinics by cheque – BUT IMPORTANTLY, they reimburse clients direct int their account/credit/debit card. Thus reimbursement, we are told, is speedy and unaffected by this pandemic, whilst cheque issuing has been virtually suspended.

As always, we value your custom — we are not trying to be difficult – please do assist us with being understanding, polite and ready and prepared to pay when collecting medications. or when collecting your pet after treatment/s.  We accept payment by credit card of course, and it is highy likely the claims process should result in reimbursement before you need pay the credit card company  – at least that is what we are advised!

RSA Statement (2 April 2020)


Following on from our previous email about Coronavirus (COVID-19), like all businesses, we are continually reviewing the way we work in line with Government advice and along with our customers, the health and safety of our employees and their families is our main priority.We wanted to update you on some further changes that we have made in order to support our customers and employees during this time.Important change to how we send Claim Payments to Vets & Customers

The current circumstances have disrupted our cheque payment facilityWith immediate effect we are reverting to a “pay customer” facility only, this is a secure payment solution and is restricted to reimbursing our customers via their premium payment information.

What does this mean if my Practice normally claims directly from RSAWe are asking Practices who normally follow a “pay vet” process, and request reimbursement from us by cheque, to ask the customer to pay you for the treatment and we will reimburse our customer directly once we receive the invoice Please note that any future request to pay a vet practice directly by cheque may result in significant delays in settlementbeing madeWe are working hard to identify an alternative solution to “pay vet” claims that have recently been sent to us and will be paying these as soon as we possibly can


Please remember that customers for More Than, Tesco and John Lewis can already submitclaims for repeat medication and ongoing treatment digitally, we are working hard to ensure all brands have this capability and this will be completed within the next 10 days.Editable claim forms are also available by following the links

This statement is a result of the unprecedented position we are placed in due to COVID-19. In accordance with the latest government guidelines on essential travel only, we are doing all we can to minimise required visits to banks by customers and vet practice staff alike.We are aware of the vital importance of the pay vet facility to our customers and vets and will be making every effort to re-instate this facility as soon as we possibly can.We will keep you informed.From everyone at RSA, we’d like to thank you for your support during these unprecedented times as we all try to do our part to keep everyone safe.

If this presents you difficulties PLEASE talk to us – we will try and help if we possibly can. RSA issued the following statement about vulnerable customers, so should we identify a vulnerable customer, who is unable to pay for treatment, we can email RSA via [email protected] and they say they will use their best endeavours to make alternative arrangements

**Petplan and Agria are unaffected currently: we can stil accept Pay-Vet-Direct Claims from them! (We already refuse these claims from Animal Friends because they were historically so terribly slow settling claims).